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Does anyone have any of these?

Chanel Blushes or eyeshadows (prefer newer or gently used)
Bobbi Brown's Brownie Shimmerbrick
Michael Kors fragrances in Figi or Island
Calvin Klein Euphoria Fragrance
DDF  Dramatic True Radiance lotion
Mac skinfinish in PleasureFlush or so ceyleon

If so I would LOVE to swap with you. I have tomns of makeup as well some not listed yet..thanks girls!!!

Posted 10 years ago
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Re: Does anyone have any of these?

Very great !

more info

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Re: Does anyone have any of these?

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Re: Does anyone have any of these?

and what you are talking about? There are some natural language called NLP, natural language processing, some called NLU, natural language understanding, this is a meaning. There is also a user portrait, the user portrait of this argument is actually made in the last summer, did not before. Last summer in Silicon Valley and some scientists discussed artificial intelligence, to discuss Baidu brain in the end what should include? We discuss that the user portrait is still Authentic Nike Air Shox Mens a very important part of the reason is that artificial intelligence is essentially to let the machine know, understand what people say, what is the meaning? The machine wants to understand the words, it has to have a portrait of this user, there is an understanding, so we think this thing is a very important thing. 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This is a way we are in the north of the four cities in Baidu's sales team has now been achieved, as a whole rate of 10% increase, the effect is still very very cheap celine bags obvious. And here is not a simple voice recognition that I know what the customer asked the word, it must understand the customer's question in the end what is the problem, and then go to the best sales to answer this question is how to answer, and this At the same time, we also use the portrait for the customer to customize the corresponding answer. So we see that AI technology is not only in 2C, for consumers, the user's scene has a great application potential, in fact, 2B, in the enterprise scene is also a very large number of applications. User portraits, user portraits, of course, is based on large data, is Baidu 1 billion registered users, to them one by one Cheap Nike Shoes to play the label, then the label can also be divided into very very fine, probably can be assigned to 10 million different issues of the label, There are some attributes of

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