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Need help with a difficult swap!!

Okay, I am going to do this discreetly, I do not want to drop names YET!!

I really need help with this situation, so any and help is much appreciated..

I set up a swap, with a swapper..Back in OCTOBER. Like a dweeb, I forgot to enclose an item. So, I sent it separate.

She said she got the first portion, but STILL 3 months later, has not gotten the other portion.

This swapper is horrible at communication, yet she has like 30 + positive feedback.
I sent her an email asking her to either send my items back, or to send one half of her end. She then said, SHE HAD USED, almost ALL of what I sent her. I sent her an email asking if something else I had would work for her after that , and no response. It takes her sometimes a month to get back to me. I am fed up at this point.

Is one of the most important rules of swapping not using a product before the other user has gotten their end?

Please, ladies, let me know. Im really sick of this!!

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Re: Need help with a difficult swap!!

Thank you informed me.

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Re: Need help with a difficult swap!!

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Re: Need help with a difficult swap!!

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Re: Need help with a difficult swap!!

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Re: Need help with a difficult swap!!

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